Moly Coated Bullets Vs Moly Weapons Oil

Velocity Change With Moly Coated Bullets Vs Moly Weapons Oil

"Plate+" from Sprinco, USA is a colloidal suspension of extremely fine Molybdenum Disulfide, or "Moly", in a light oil with various proprietary inhibitors. According to Parsec/Sprinco, one could use the product to coat the inside of a gun barrel and increase the corrosion resistance of the barrel and not have to use Moly coated bullets to get the benefits of reduced galling or copper deposition. 
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What is the real truth about Moly?

Everything you want to know about Moly.  
  • Is Moly toxic?
  • Is all Moly the same?  
  • Is Moly Corrosive?
  • Will I experience a reduction in velocity? 
  • How can I avoid buildup or caking?  
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